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Wireless Electric Car Jack with Remote Control

Wireless Electric Car Jack with remote control on a keychain. Take the time, effort, assembly frustration and backstrain out of tire changes!

Jack up your vehicle effortlessly using the Micro Superjack Vehicle Jack with wireless remote. With one press of a button you can lift 2 tons to change flat tires. Plug this electric car jack into your 12 volt power source, press the button on the key fob remote control and let the Micro Superjack do all the work!


  • Handy remote key-fob wireless remote for ease of operation
  • 5.5 inch clearance
  • Tire changing jack raises vehicle to a height of 13.5 inches
  • Powerful, yet small for easy storage in trunk
  • Powered by 12 volt vehicle cigarette lighter/power port OR portable battery jumper
Wireless Electric Car Jack in roadside use. INCLUDED:
  • 'Micro Superjack' Electronic Car Jack with 2 tons of lifting power
  • Wireless Key Fob Remote Controller
  • Connection cord - connects to power source

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