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300 kv Electronic Stun Gun - Straight or Curved

$45.95 Reg.
$43.45 SALE

300,000 volt (300 kv) Stun Gun - Straight or Curved Model Nicknamed Big Kahuna, this device is highly effective against personal attacks.

One touch of the 300,000 volts and the attacker immediately drops to their knees, dazed and disoriented. You’ll have ample time to escape or get help.

If you want peace of mind, make this product your constant companion. It’s convenient, safe and highly effective protection.

Security Plus® Electronic Stun Devices set the industry standard for quality. While other brands use cheaper materials, we pride ourselves on the highest quality possible. Our Stun Devices are priced very competitively, and when compared to other brands, you’ll notice a distinct advantage in performance and reliability.

When you buy a Security Plus® Stun Device, your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Comes with a bonus wrist strap. Uses two 9 volt batteries (sold separately).

Styles may vary.

* NOTE! * - Use of high quality batteries is essential for the reliable continued performance of your stun gun. Please refer to the Stun Gun Battery Information section of our Stun Gun Information pages.


  • Full 1 Year Warranty
  • Non Lethal
  • Safety Switch
  • BONUS Wrist Strap
  • Safe, Yet Effective
  • Powered by two (2) 9 Volt Batteries (Sold separately - see link below)
  • Convenient 6-1/2" (curved model) or 6" (straight model) X 3-1/2" X 1" Size


Current Law does not allow the sale of stun devices in the following states and municipalities: STATES:
Connecticut, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin
Annapolis, Baltimore and Baltimore County, and
Howard County, MD;Chicago, IL; Dension/Crawford County, IA; Philadelphia and the District of Columbia

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$45.95 Reg.
$43.45 SALE


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