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Women's Self Defense Products

Protecting ALL aspects of women's versatile lives!

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Women's Self Defense Products, womens safety and security Products, womens travel preparedness and womens self defense supplies and womens instructional products. pepper spray and  MACE pepper spray, womens self defense products, womens self defense equipment, and womens self defense supplies and more!How many hats does a woman wear on any given day? Who can count!? Women are versatile and effective, strong and creative, tireless and caring wonderful human beings! They are also task focused and goal driven - sometimes to the point that they forget that they MUST look out for themselves so they are able to continue to do wonderful things.

In spite of how far we have progressed as a civilized society, there are still many (TOO many) predators who view women as easy targets for violent crimes such as rape, assault, robbery and countless other horrors! Unlike the other Hudson Safety Products pages, our Women's Self Defense Products page has a large number - over 50 - of items specifically selected to protect the many different aspects of women's daily lives.

The list of womens self defense products begins with instructional materials that cover protection from crime and self defense techniques. Following are personal alarms and safety lights for security on outings, pepper sprays specifically designed for women's self defense needs, stun guns sized and shaped for women, home security and surveillance items and highway safety products. Although we offer many safety products, these items are specifically selected for women's self defense, security, safety and well being!

1.   Self DefenseTraining Video or DVD
Self-Confidence and Peace of Mind! Available in DVD and VHS Formats
2.   Tactical Use of Defense Spray Booklet
How to effectively use Pepper Spray' Instruction Book. This booklet is FREE with many of our pepper spray products.
3.   MACE Pepper Spray 'Jogger' Model
This convenient MACE Jogger Model pepper spray is designed with a velcro-like strap to fit snugly around your hand.
4.   Pepper Spray Lipstick Tube
Effective self defense Pepper Spray in an attractive lipstick!
5.   Pepper Spray Pen
It looks like an ordinary pen but instead of ink, it contains a potentially life saving pepper spray. Available in black and pink.
6.   Pepper Spray Key Chain - .5 oz in Leatherette Case
Stylish pepper spray key fob is actually a potent self defense weapon. Includes FREE booklet on how to use pepper spray.
7.   Pepper Spray Key Chain w/Colorful Molded Plastic Safety Casing
Sleek and Stylish - Molded Plastic Holster Pepper Spray.
8.   Pepper Spray - Pocket Clip-On Model
The size of a lip balm, yet packs a wallop that will stop an assailant in his tracks! Free instructional booklet on how to use pepper spray included.
9.   MACE® Pepper Foam
MACE® Large Pepper FoamTM Unit is a Revolutionary defense that combines 10% OC Pepper Spray in foam form to produce a powerful defense during an attack.
10.   Pepper Spray and Mini Stun Gun Purse Size Combo
Dual protection pepper spray key chain and 100,000 volt stun device with FREE first aid kit and "How to Use Pepper Spray" Instructional booklet.
11.   Mini Stun Gun and Pepper Spray Key Chain Self Defense Combo
Non lethal protection Combo! Palm sized mini stun gun packs a power punch, Pepper Spray incapacitates! FREE holster, FREE key release, FREE 'How to Use Pepper Spray' instructional booklet and FREE batteries!
12.   Rechargeable mini stun gun
Fits in the palm of your hand - includes holster, recharging cord or plug and lifetime warranty! 400k, 1000k, 2000k and 3000k levels of protection. Choice of colors.
13.   Cell Phone Stun Gun features Personal Alarm and Holster
'Cell Phone' is actually a stun device and 120 dB alarm with free holster and wrist strap.
14.   Stun Pen & Flashlight - 2,500,000 Volt with Holster is rechargeable
Palm size flashlight and pen sized stun gun are combined in one rechargeable product. Holster and charging cord included in purchase. Option: black or pink!
15.   Stun Gun Flashlight Alarm - 3 in 1
This 15 inch heavy duty flashlight also functions as a high powered stun gun with super loud alarm feature!
16.   Wall Outlet Diversion Safe
Electrical Plug Outlet is actually a Hidden Compartment for Valuables
17.   Thermometer Key Hider Diversion Safe
Genuine working thermometer shows temperature and doubles as a key hider with hidden compartment.
18.   Deluxe Telephone Voice Changer
The most realistic sounding telephone voice changer.
19.   Nap Zapper - Stay Awake Device
This amazing lightweight stay awake device attaches to your ear and instantly alerts you when you start nodding off.
20.   Personal Alarm
This Personal Alarm is designed to clip to a belt, purse or even pants.
21.   Mace Screecher Aerosol Alarm
Emits an ear piercing shriek readily recognized as an emergency call for help.
22.   Key Chain Alarm & Light
Key Chain Personal Alarm with Light
23.   Laser Safety Light
This multi-use, six-function, flashing laser safety light is one of the best safety items you can get.
24.   Ultrasonic Dog Repeller
Running, cycling, power walking or just outdoors to be outdoors? Ultrasonically deter threatening dogs!
25.   Pepper Spray - MACE MUZZLE Dog Repellent
EPA approved MACE Muzzle dog repellant pepper spray provides safe, effective and humane protection against canine attack.
26.   Peep Hole
An ideal way to see who is at your door before you actually open it.
27.   MACE® 'Big Jammer' Door Brace
The 'Big Jammer' Door Brace will secure your door from the inside.
28.   Window Glass Break Alert and Motion Sensor
Prevent window tampering and glass breakage with the Window Alert.
29.   MACE Window and Sliding Door Jammer
The Window Jammer allows cool air in while keeping the bad guys out.
30.   Hidden Camera Alarm Clock
Fully working alarm clock with AM/FM radio features hidden camera.
31.   Mace® Motion Alert with Keypad
Mace® infrared motion detection system with keypad security and chime option.
32.   Wireless Door Bell
Wireless Door Bell has pleasant chime that emits from a portable receiver.
33.   Nightstar CS (Compact) Magnetic Flashlight
The Nightstar CS flashlight is the world's first COMPACT, shake activated, magnetic LED flashlight.
34.   Motion Sensing Alarm with Automatic Phone Dialer
This motion sensor alerts you and telephones up to 3 numbers with your prerecorded message!
35.   Driveway Patrol Outdoor Motion Sensor
This versatile product will alert you if a something or someone passes by the transmitter.
36.   High Quality Metal Housing Imitation Security Camera
Realistic look that will fool even the most sophisticated criminal.
37.   Outdoor Color Camera w/Audio Communication and Remote Control
Color camera can be used outdoors or indoors and uses television, VCR and its own remote control to effectively meet all surveillance needs! Add additional dummy cameras (below)for the appearance of a complete multi camera system!
38.   Highway Safety Light
Free standing or can magnetically attach to car. High, long range visibility.
39.   Imitation Auto Alarm
Imitation Auto Alarm Light and Sticker
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