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This Frequently Asked Questions page is provided to assist customers before and after purchases. It is updated each time we receive any inquiry. Please feel free to contact Hudson Safety Products with any questions or concerns so that we may address it for you individually and include it on this page for the benefit of all our visitors.
Thank You for the opportunity to serve your safety and security needs!
What if the product I receive is defective/nonfunctioning?
Hudson Safety Products believes you should receive the product you order in timely fashion and in proper working order. In the unfortunate event that your product appears defective, the following guidelines should be followed: The unit needs to be returned to us for testing and if it is defective, we will replace it OR give a full refund for the full product price. Sorry, no refund on shipping. If the product is in good working order and the customer does not want to keep it, a 'change of heart' policy becomes effective and a 20% restocking fee is assessed. If the customer desires to keep the working unit, we will return ship it at no charge.

US Postal Service Address for returns:

Hudson Safety Products
PO Box 37702
Raleigh, NC 27627

What if I have a question regarding a product?
Hudson Safety Products welcomes the opportunity to answer your questions or concerns regarding our product line. Email Us (click) and we will get back to you just as quickly as we can research your concern.

I have a telephone recording device that attaches to the handset of the [corded] phone [it is a Radio shack device]. When attached inline with a cordless phone and using the voice activated feature on my digital recorder there is a constant buzzing that results in the recorder continuously recording [that buzz]! Does your device cancel out that noise so I can use the VOX feature on my recorder? There could be several reasons for this. This can be an ongoing problem when using a cordless phone. Particularly when they are a digital phone but also the problem can occur with any type of wireless phone operating in the 900Mhz to 5.4Ghz range. The problem stems from the signal that is created from the wireless phone. This signal will interfere with normal communications. Similar to when your cell phone rings next to your radio when it is on. You will hear static come through the speaker of the device. Also one other problem that can cause a hissing or static sound on the line is if your cordless phone is plugged into the same outlet as other devices stereo, TV, microwave, etc. Odds are if you can hear it on your phone the recorder will pick it up. Since the mic inputs on the small recorders are very sensitive it will probably compound this effect. The first thing I would try would be to make sure that your cordless phone is the only electronic device in the wall outlet. If this does not work try using the device on an older style hardwired phone. Also make sure that you are not sharing the phone line with your computer. If you have DSL make sure you have the filter for the phone side of the DSL line attached. And definitely do not bridge your cordless phone off of your DSL router if you have one.
Does Hudson Safety Products have information on the legality of their products?
The following links are provided for customer information. If these links do not answer your concerns on laws in your state, please contact us and we will research your specific question.
Information on States with Air Taser Laws  
Information on States with Pepper Spray Restrictions  
Information on States with Stun Device Laws  
Article on Legality of Recording Phone Conversations  

Do you have any sprays that can be used to identify any burglars who might steal from your home?
Mace and the other brands of pepper spray with the UV dye ingredient - The UV dye can only be viewed under a UV light. However, the pepper formulation itself has a very bright red color, that even when mixed with other agents, will show up as at least a bright orange visible without a UV light.

Do you ship products to Canada?
Many of our products are available to Canadian customers. We do have to make special arrangements and the shipping charge can vary. Please Email Us your address and state the product you are interested in purchasing. We will get right back to you to let you know what we can do to fill your specific safety products need.


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