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MACE® Pepper Spray

the standard of quality, safety and effectiveness for over 35 years, making them the most well-known name in security.

MACE pepper spray brand pepper spray and MACE pepper spray brand
Mace pepper foam, MACE spray - pepper spray animal repellent & pepper spray deterrent, dog and bear MACE pepper spray. MACE spray - pepper spray self defense products and MACE pepper spray self defense supplies and MACE accessories and more!Get 'TRIPLE ACTION' non-lethal MACE pepper spray products protection!

  • Every non-lethal MACE pepper spray products can is tested at the factory.
  • Every non-lethal MACE pepper spray products can is date stamped.
  • Every non-lethal MACE pepper spray products can is marked with a low level indicator to assure that you will always have adequate protection.

Scroll down to browse our large selection of MACE Self Defense Pepper Spray products suitable for any situation.

In convenient "at your fingertips" sizes, non-lethal MACE pepper spray products provide the self defense benefits of Pepper Spray and Tear Gas with hard-to-remove UV Dye to identify assailants long after the attack! Not only do you defeat the criminal attack, the pepper spray leaves a telltale stain on your attacker to help law enforcement locate and detain your assailant. Non-lethal MACE pepper spray products offer a potent formula that, upon direct contact, forces the assailants' eyes to slam shut as he gasps for air and feels an intense burning sensation

MACE Pepper Foams and Sprays come in delivery systems and sizes that fit every lifestyle. MACE area Pepper Fogger units will deter assault by more than one attacker. MACE Dog and Bear Repellant Pepper Sprays are a humane, yet effective way to ward off animal attacks. MACE brand Home Security Products round out a complete collection of non-lethal defense, protection and preparedness.

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1.   Pepper Spray Gun by MACE
MACE Pepper Spray Gun shoots up to 25 feet! Disorient attackers from a safe distance!
2.   MACE Pepper Gun Refill Cannisters
Refills for MACE Pepper Gun - choice of pepper spray, water or combo.
3.   MACE Pepper Spray Baton on a key ring
2 self defense products in one - the MACE pepper spray baton (kuboton) on a key ring! Choose from 5 different colors.
4.   Triple Action Leather Plus Model MACE Pepper Spray
Pocket/Purse size MACE 'TRIPLE ACTION' Pepper Spray with keyring.
5.   'Triple Action' Police Model MACE Pepper Spray
Standard MACE law enforcement model - available for personal use
6.   'Triple Action' Home Model MACE Pepper Spray
High powered MACE Home Pepper Spray Model is ideal for home, dormitories and RV's.
7.   'Triple Action' Fogger Model MACE Pepper Spray
Fogs home or automobile with MACE 'Triple Action' protection
8.   MACE 'Triple Action' Personal Model Pepper Spray
MACE 'Triple Action' protection - ideal for outdoor walking, running, etc.
9.   MACE Triple Action Pocket Model Pepper Spray
Accurate aim finger-grip feature makes this MACE 'Triple Action' model ideal for emergency use.
10.   MACE® Pepper Foam
MACE® Large Pepper FoamTM Unit is a Revolutionary defense that combines 10% OC Pepper Spray in foam form to produce a powerful defense during an attack.
11.   MACE PepperGard Pepper Spray and Tear Gas
Pocket Model Easy aim finger-grip feature makes this model ideal for emergency use.
12.   Double-Action Tear Gas - UV Dye MACE Personal Model
MACE DOUBLE-ACTION CS TEAR GAS Combines CS Tear Gas and UV Dye. Approved for use in Michigan.
13.   MACE Double Action Michigan approved Pepper Spray w/ UV Dye
Michigan approved MACE PepperGard contains 2% OC Pepper Spray and UV dye.
14.   Michigan Approved Tear Gas with UV Dye on a Key Chain
15.   MACE weighted pepper spray hand grips
Weighted exercise grips with MACE pepper spray canisters inside for walking, jogging and outdoor exercising safety.
16.   MACE Pepper Spray 'Jogger' Model
This convenient MACE Jogger Model pepper spray is designed with a velcro-like strap to fit snugly around your hand.
17.   Pepper Spray - MACE MUZZLE Dog Repellent
EPA approved MACE Muzzle dog repellant pepper spray provides safe, effective and humane protection against canine attack.
18.   Bear Pepper Spray Fogger by MACE
This powerful MACE Bear Pepper Spray Magnum Fogger sprays up to 30 feet!
19.   Holster for Bear Pepper Spray
Holster for either of our bear pepper spray products.
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