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Buy Pepper Spray

Non-Lethal Self Defense Products

Pepper spray products, pepper spray information, and pepper spray equipment for non lethal pepper spray self defense. pepper spray products for self defense and pepper spray products and pepper spray equipment for your personal safety. Non-lethal pepper spray self defense products and pepper spray self defense equipment.

Pepper spray, pepper fogger, pepper spray keychain, pepper spray fountain pen protection Pepper spray, foam and fog is non-lethal protection that is easily carried and used to defend against attack. Safety caps are included with all our products to prevent accidental discharge and insure aiming accuracy. The dispensing mechanism is specifically designed to spray a potent spray, foam or fog that shoots out and away from you and towards the assailant. Pepper Spray, Pepper Foam and Pepper Fogger products are widely used and relied upon because

  • they work instantly
  • the effects last up to 40 minutes
  • they are made in the U.S.A.!

*Heatwave OC Pepper Spray contains Oleoresin Capsicum (OC). It is pure, nontoxic and nonflammable. Contact with mucous membranes (eyes, nose, throat and lungs) causes an immediate dilation of the capillaries of eyes, resulting in temporary blindness and constricted breathing. Causes no longterm after effects. It contains UV dye which is useful for law enforcement to identify criminals.

Hudson Safety Products is pleased to help insure your effective protection by including a FREE 32 page Tactical Use of Defense Sprays Booklet (read about it). This booklet provides instruction on how to use pepper spray effectively. Written by Doug Lamb, it teaches how to select, carry, and spray in single or multiple attacker situations in addition to giving general tips on self defense and preparedness.

CLICK to read about the superior, test-proven advantage of using Security Plus HEATWAVE Pepper Spray products.

"As the training director for Arrow Security Inc., I have been using HEATWAVE™ by Security Plus® for about three years. I will not go back to any other spray. Heatwave™ is the only OC Spray I have found that has worked on every assailant without fail. It is absolutely the best spray I have ever encountered." William D.Gaston, Arrow Security Inc.
CLICK on any of the following to get additional information:

1.   Tactical Use of Defense Spray Booklet
How to effectively use Pepper Spray' Instruction Book. This booklet is FREE with many of our pepper spray products.
Have protection both at home or away! Includes instructional booklet on pepper spray use!
3.   3 Pepper Spray Assortment
Pikes Personal Emergency Action Kit 3 pepper spray assortment - for personal defense. FREE first aid kit and Pepper Spray use instructional booklet!
4.   3 Pepper Sprays with Stun Gun and Personal Alarm
McKinley Personal Emergency Action Kit is a package including 3 pepper sprays, a stun gun and a personal alarm to provide whole family protection! FREE First Aid Kit and Instructional Booklet included!
5.   3 Pepper Sprays, 2 Stun Guns, Personal Alarm Package
El Capitan Personal Emergency Action Kit includes 3 pepper sprays, 2 stun guns and a personal alarm to provide MAXIMUM protection for you and your family. FREE booklet on how to use pepper spray and FREE first aid kit included.
6.   Pepper Spray and Mini Stun Gun Purse Size Combo
Dual protection pepper spray key chain and 100,000 volt stun device with FREE first aid kit and "How to Use Pepper Spray" Instructional booklet.
7.   Pepper Spray Lipstick Tube
Effective self defense Pepper Spray in an attractive lipstick!
8.   Pepper Spray 2 ounce Police Strength
Pepper spray defense against attackers/intruders at home, place of business or on the road. Includes FREE booklet on how to use pepper spray.
9.   Fogger Pepper Spray 2 oz Police Strength Flip Top
2 ounce pepper spray fogger with flip top safety cap.
10.   Pepper Spray 4 oz Fogger
Fogger Pepper Spray has a wide-angle spray and a 12 foot range that will disable multiple attackers. Comes with FREE booklet on pepper spray use.
11.   Pepper Spray BIG SHOT in 7 and 9 Ounce Sizes
This unit has a wide-angle spray and a 12 foot range that will disable multiple attackers. FREE How to Use Pepper Spray 32 page instructional booklet
12.   Holsters for Pepper Spray Products
These convenient holsters hold our pepper spray and pepper fogger canisters within easy reach.
13.   Pepper Spray Pen
It looks like an ordinary pen but instead of ink, it contains a potentially life saving pepper spray. Available in black and pink.
14.   Pepper Spray - Pocket Clip-On Model
The size of a lip balm, yet packs a wallop that will stop an assailant in his tracks! Free instructional booklet on how to use pepper spray included.
15.   Pepper Spray Key Chain - .5 oz in Leatherette Case
Stylish pepper spray key fob is actually a potent self defense weapon. Includes FREE booklet on how to use pepper spray.
16.   Pepper Spray Key Chain w/Colorful Molded Plastic Safety Casing
Sleek and Stylish - Molded Plastic Holster Pepper Spray.
17.   Key Release for 1/2 oz. Leather Key Chain
Easy to use Key Release for your Leatherette Key Chain Pepper Spray.
18.   Guard Alaska Bear Repellant Pepper Spray
This effective and humane bear pepper spray has been developed and tested in the wilds of Alaska to bring you the absolute most protection from attacking bears.
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