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Safety Equipment

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Home Security Systems

Safety - Security - Self Defense Products

Self defense products and safety equipment are an unfortunate necessity in today's society ... where crime is running rampant! According to recent statistics, the average citizen runs the risk of being the victim of crime at an ever increasing rate - Burglary every 15 seconds - Auto theft every 25 seconds - Crimes against personal property every 3 seconds - Robberies every 60 seconds - Violent crimes are an unfortunate 35 seconds apart - and the Murder rate has only slightly "improved" to every 32 minutes!

Buy Non-Lethal Self Defense Weapons

Pepper Spray

CLICK product name to view
Pepper Spray 2 pack
Pepper Spray 3 pack
Pepper spray Lipstick
Pepper spray 2 oz. Police Strength
7 or 9 oz Pepper spray BIG SHOT
Pepper spray 1/2 oz key chain
Pepper spray 4 oz Fogger
Pepper spray clip-on model
Pepper spray fountain pen
Pepper spray pager
Pepper spray jogging weights
Pepper spray - plastic keychain
Pepper spray w/stun gun & alarm
Pepper spray w/2 stun guns & alarm
Holsters for pepper sprays

Pepper spray BIG SHOT

Pepper spray holsters for all sizes of pepper spray

Pepper spray cannisters hidden in jogging hand weights

Pepper spray FOGGER

Stun Guns

CLICK product name to view
100kv stun gun
100kv stun gun holster
300kv stun gun
300kv or 500kv stun gun holster
200Kv Stun Gun w/holster
400KV Stun Gun w/holster
Powerful wide grip stun gun
Cell phone stun gun & alarm
1000kv stun pen flashlight
Mini stun gun & pepper spray
Stun gun flashlight & alarm
Telescoping stun baton
500kv mini stun baton
300kv stun baton
300kv stun baton holster

200kv Stun Pen

65kv mini stun baton

500kv stun gun in choice of straight or curved

Telescoping stun baton

MACE© Pepper Spray

CLICK product name to view
Mace pepper spray keychain
Mace triple action police model
Mace triple action home model
Mace triple action fogger
Mace triple action Personal model
Mace triple action pocket model
Mace pepper spray foam
Mace double action w/tear gas
Mace double action personal model
Mace Michigan pepper spray
Mace pepper spray keychain is Michigan approved!
Mace 'jogger' pepper spray
Mace bear pepper spray
Mace 'Muzzle' dog pepper spray

Mace Muzzle dog repelling pepper spray

Mace pepper spray in a foam delivery

Mace triple action pepper spray in a convenient size cannister for home use

Safety and Security Products

Home safety and self defense preparation is one way to avoid joining the ranks of crime statistics. By properly safeguarding your home with quality home safety products and home safety supplies like home security safety alarms and diversion safes you are able to minimize the potential of becoming a statistic by deterring the criminal before they strike. Home and auto surveillance products like a gps auto truck vehicle tracking system and home surveillance cameras help you keep a eye on your property.

For women - your personal safety is at even greater risk - so we stock a full selection of the latest women's self defense products and women's self defense equipment to help keep you free from harm.

Child Home Safety
and Injury
Prevention Products

Child safety, injury prevention, wander alerts and child home safety products - child safety distance monitor, child safety cabinet latch, child safety outlet plugs, child safety railing guard, child safety doorknob guard, child safety door latch, child safety edge cushions, child safety electrical cord shortener and more!

Personal Protection
Alarms, Lights and Alerts
for Safety and Security

Personal safety products, safety protection products and safety preparedness products including personal safety alarms, personal safety alerts, kubatons for personal safety, safety lights, safety key chain lights, handcuffs, telescoping batons for personal safety, spy sun glasses and counterfeit detector pen and more!

Women's Self Defense,
Safety and
Security Products

Women's Self Defense Products, womens safety and security Products, womens travel preparedness and womens self defense supplies and womens instructional products. pepper spray and  MACE pepper spray, womens self defense products, womens self defense equipment, and womens self defense supplies and more!

Home safety also includes properly outfitting your home with fire detection and child home safety products such as child safety distance monitors, fire extinguishers and first aid kits for the home and an auto first aid kit for those inevitable accidents and emergencies. Likewise, by properly equipping yourself with the latest in non-lethal self defense products - like self defense stun guns and TASER devices, stun gun TASER equipment and Mace pepper spray - you are able to help protect and defend yourself when outside the home and have peace of mind knowing that you are prepared to defend yourself.

Home and auto surveillance products and home and auto surveillance systems, fake home surveillance cameras, gps auto truck tracking system, rf detectors, metal detectors, gps vehicle tracking system and gps vehicle tracking computer program, eavesdropping and bug detection devices, recording devices and more!

Surveillance Systems
GPS Vehicle Tracking
RF and Metal Detectors

Safes, diversion safes (book diversion safes, stone diversion safes, diversion safes imitating common household products, diversion wall safes, real burning candle diversion safes and  CD diversion safes etc.), key hiders and jewelry safes for securing valuables, rock shaped key hiders and other diversion safes for jewelry, valuables and more!

Realistic Diversion
Safes, Key Hiders and
Jewelry Safes

Home security products and safety products, home security safety locks, home security safety alarms, home security safety entrance alerts and home security safety motion sensors, home security warning devices, MACE© infrared motion detection system to secure and safeguard your house home and more!

Security Products to
Safeguard Apartment,
House and Home

Browse our extensive catalog of home safety products, self defense supplies, women's self defense products and child & home safety products; along with our resourceful, in-depth home and personal self defense and safety information pages to help safeguard your home, your self, your family and loved ones today!

Travel and auto safety products, vehicle safety and preparedness products - wireless electric tire jack, universal lug wrench, fake car alarm, flashing triangle, highway safety light, roadside emergency kit, vehicle safety glass break hammer with seat belt cutter, portable auto door bolt, tsa approved lock, magnetic shake activated flashlight, stay awake device and more!

Travel Safety,
Roadside Emergency
Preparedness and
Vehicle Security

Fire safety products, equipment and supplies for home fire safety preparedness, first aid kits first aid safety products (first aid kit for the home, first aid kit for the office and first aid kits for many other emergency situations) and outdoor / camping safety and survival products and equipment and more!

Fire Safety,
First Aid Kits,
and Outdoor
Survival Equipment

Police grade duty gear along with telescoping batons, kubatons, handcuffs - now available for self defense and protection of the average citizen!

Batons, Handcuffs
Police Grade
Duty Gear

and also...

Safety Gift Ideas to safeguard those you love - indexed to help you find your occasion or gift recipient!

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